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Battlax Racing Street RS10 Asphalt scorcher

06 June 2018 by Mike Van Cleven Products 2 min read

Take the latest RS10 for a spin on sinuous roads or G-inducing racetracks and feel the exhilaration that comes from complete confidence in your tires. Forged in the heat of the world’s toughest races and adapted for street use, these sports radials have re- engineered designs and new-formula compounds for faster acceleration out of corners, enhanced steering response, greater line-holding precision in corners and confidence- inspiring braking stability.

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Revolutionary patterns 

This tyre sets out to be the ultimate in dry performance on winding roads and race tracks. That’s why the pattern has been optimized with grooves that are aligned to the cornering forces. This results in a greater stability and consistent, predictable behavior. On top of that, the groove is three-dimensional, which adds block stiffness and thus brings greater stability. Along the outer edges, short and flexible grooves speed up the warming-up process and specific water-channeling grooves take care of wet-surface traction.

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State-of-the-art construction

The Mono-Spiral Belt in the front is made with a stiffer kind of steel as opposed to its 003ST predecessor, which increases rigidity and therefore brings more stability and a quicker response to the tyre. In the rear, we shed 650 grams in order to decrease the gyro effect, while a softer sidewall makes for better damping. In short: an easy entry, stable mid-corner and smooth on the exit. Just how you like it, we reckon.

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