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Gripping Stories - Episode 05 - Austria

26 July 2018 by Mike Van Cleven Inspiration 2 min read

Gripping Stories Austria, episode 5: a tale of speed and leather

We’re off to embark on the last leg of this journey through #Austria. One that includes Yamaha YART, a world class asylum for motorcycle maniacs, and the weirdest leather suit I’ll ever try on.

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

An endurance race bike, is a living, fire-breathing beast. Flexing its frame and muscles for thousands upon thousands of kilometers, it develops a personality. A voice. It tells you how to brake as late as possible. When to turn in. Deeper. Hit the apex. Accelerate. Harder. These bikes are no pushovers. They are the cage fighters of the racing world. And at Yamaha YART, their pedigrees reach world class status.

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