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Press test Moto Magazine

03 September 2018 by Mike Van Cleven Inspiration 2 min read

Bridgestone Sport Touring T31 wins sports touring tyre shootout. 

• Best in wet handling
• Shortest braking distance in the wet • Overall best performing tyre 

According to the French ‘Moto Magazine’ there are two kinds of movements in sports touring types: the ones who stick to their guns and the progressives, who implement whatever tech their flagship counterparts employ. 

2018 Bseu Marocco T31 Action 48 Watermark

In the case of the new Bridgestone Sport Touring T31 that’s especially the case. In terms of tyre behavior in cold and wet conditions, Bridgestone R&D pulled out all the stops on a molecular level. An increase of silica dispersion inside the rubber and a higher level of camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles makes sure you never get out of touch with the asphalt. Moto Magazine lined up six major sports touring tyres on their test track to find out how they stack up, and we couldn’t be more proud with the results.

The new Battlax T31 proves to be homogenous in the way they respond predictably and beautifully to whatever we throw at them. A succes.

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“The T31 honors Bridgestone’s tradition of focusing on predictable, yet lively behavior. On these tyres, the motorcycles gain a dynamic feel and slice through corners without ever ‘falling into’ them. You can even let go of the handlebars mid-corner; the bike just sticks to its trajectory. The handling is excellent and you change direction with minimum effort. In short: a very pleasant set on any stretch.” 

In the rain 

“The T31 never missed a beat throughout our test. The front delivers the right level of confidence needed for a stress-free rain ride, while the rear combines lively handling with excellent water drainage.” 


“Our benchmark in terms of stopping distance on a wet track. By far! The closest competition is a meter away, while the poorest performer has our Suzuki stranded three meters up the road. Unintended stoppies on this slippery track illustrate excellent grip. In the dry, the T31 ends up in the leading group, which are all within one meter of each other. Assuring.”

Efficiency 9/10
Handling ★★★★ Wet-weather control ★★★★ Dry braking ★★★★ Wet braking ★★★★★ 


• Brake distance
• Predictability in the wet • Handling 



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