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Bridgestone Battlax S21 35 Copy

Tame the track.

Have you ever wondered what state-of-the-art racing knowhow could do to your lap times? With Racing Battlax V02, you’ll soon find out. Brimming with technology taken from years of highest racing activities, V02 sets new standards in terms of grip, stability and control. But it’s not only for expert racers; this set is accessible to anyone. Excellent cornering stability, superior warm-up capacity and an ultra wide performance range see to that. All you have to to, is twist that throttle and slash those times. Time and time again. 

V02 Fiche 01

Bridgestone GP-Belt technology 

GP-Belt technology was developed to limit tyre deformation and ensures an optimal contact pressure area on track. It basically generates extra grip coming out of corners, while the area of slip is reduced. This in turn opens the door to a new, softer compound.

Bridgestone Battlax S21 35
V02 Fiche 02

Mono-Spiral Belt 

This construction features a single, continuous spiral wrapped around the circumference of the tyre. Unlike a conventional multi-cross belt construction, it eliminates belt overlaps, seams and joints. This reduces the heat generated in the tyre, which in turn gives you more stability on track.

V02 Fiche 04

On track 

Test data proves improvement of 1,5%, on a average lap time. In seconds, this translates to 0,6/minute. Key factors were the high levels of consistency and grip.

V02 Fiche 03
2016 Bseu S21 Act 4
V02 Fiche 06

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