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W01 001

Sunshine during the rain.

Top level racing turbocharges tyre development. Especially in situations where extreme performance meets extreme conditions, like wet weather racing. All the experience Bridgestone has gathered here trickles down into the new Racing Battlax W01 - a direct spin-off from years of highest racing activities.

Think feeling. Think grip. Think confidence.

With Racing Battlax W01, every cloud has a silver lining. 

W01 002
W01 Fiche 03

Key features & benefits

•      Improved grip and feedback, from a damp track all the way up to heavy rain. 

•      Improved water channeling for the rear tyre, with a groove positioning in the same direction as the water flow. 

•      Shorter warm-up time 

•      New compound 

•      New pattern design

•      New profile and optimized construction with reduced belt rigidity and a larger contact patch 
 New size, with an upgrade from 180/640R17 to 190/650R17 

W01 Fiche 01
Battlax Wet Tyre
W01 Fiche 04

On track 

Track test data confirms the quick warm-up time of W01. Right from the first laps, the average lap time improves 1,5%. On a  2.00 minute laptime, this translate into respectively 2,0 seconds.

W01 Fiche 05

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