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Battlecross E50 Extreme

27 November 2019 by Mike Van Cleven Products 2 min read


An in-depth look into Bridgestone's latest off-road development.

Introduced in 2019, the Battlecross E50 had a victorious first year, winning races across different enduro categories. Riding on this success, Bridgestone is releasing a new, dedicated racing tyre for extreme enduro.

The new E50 Extreme challenges even the toughest terrain. It features a soft compound especially developed for superior grip and high traction power.

The tread pattern incorporates advanced block positioning and works with the E50’s Castle Block technology to maximise edge effect and deliver extra traction.

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Technical Aspects

The pattern is taking over E50's advanced block positioning. Castle block technology offers a flexible tyre response on changing surfaces thanks to an additional edge effect. The bunker area produces a small amount of extra traction power when the tyre is fully buried in the surface.

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Using a very soft compound increases dramatically the overall grip of the tyre in all circumstances and undergrounds.

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The E50 Extreme will be easily recognizable by its colour highlight on the tread pattern.

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