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Gripping Stories – Episode 04 – Austria

Bells, beauties and a Bond chase.

As a motorcycle travel destination, Austria is hard to beat.
Mountains become playgrounds, passion becomes speed.

Especially when you hook up with Ducati Club Tirol Oberland and join their president on a trip to nature’s cathedrals. Unleashing his Ducati’s twin cylinder growl up against the side of the mountains, the ride to the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum becomes a James Bond chase across sun-soaked asphalt, meltwater streams and even an icy corner or two. Plus a million helmet smiles.The souvenirs of this trip that I’m collecting in my mind are priceless. But I want something tangible too. Something with a history and a story. Something handmade. And I know just the thing, only 30 more full throttle miles down this mountainous maze of amazing.

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