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2017 Bseu R11 Monteblanco Photoshoot Detail 11

Track use: Recommended tyre pressures by category

28 February 2019 by Mike Van Cleven Products 2 min read

Tyre pressures are no secret but certainly it’s valuable information and not to be overlooked.
On this page we share the recommended tyre pressures by category.

The tyre pressures you run on a race track will have massive impact on your handling and its tyre wear so it’s worth spending a little time getting them right.

Hot Hotter...

Track tyres in particular have a temperature and pressure range in which they function best when they’re hot.
Adjust and apply them precisely and it will be to your advantage.

Pressure on? Sharpen your lap time!

Note that these are indicators only, you still need to adapt them depending on track parameters such as surface & temperature and naturally your own feeling and experience.

Tyre pressure, it’s an art.

Technical Sheet 001 Gp3 S80 S125 01
Technical Sheet 002 Ssp 300 400 500 01
2017 Bseu R11 Monteblanco Photoshoot Detail 20
Technical Sheet 003 Mini Supertwin Mono 001 01
Technical Sheet 004 Sst Ssp 600 750 01
Jgo 0268
Technical Sheet 005 Stt Sbk 1000 01
2017 Bseu R11 Monteblanco Photoshoot Action 7 2
Technical Sheet 006 Street Use Tyres 01
Screen Shot 2019 02 27 At 3 12 37 Pm

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