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Motorcycle tyres

8 Hours of Spa Motos: Racing teams dominate with Bridgestone tyres

The 8 Hours of Spa Motos saw thrilling performances from Bridgestone supported teams, with YART Yamaha Official, F.C.C. TSR Honda France, and Yoshimura SERT...

A thrilling experiment with the AX41S tyres

Dutch flat track racer Richard Jabin embarked on an intriguing challenge when a friend proposed testing a Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle on the local...

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The 10 most important questions about motorcycle tyres (and the answers!)   1. What is the mandatory or preferred tyre pressure for motorcycle tyres? The recommended tyre pressure...
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People of Bridgestone


2019 Motorrad Test Winner

Motorrad 2019 Tyre Test "A fat 190 tyre, propelled with 200 hp but with a contact surface roughly the size of a melon. Could it...


Bridgestone’s Premium Motorcycle Tyres Return to the Virtual World with Videogame RIDE 5

Riders from around the world: unite! Bridgestone is set for a return in RIDE 5, bringing back the most authentic riding simulation dedicated to two-wheel enthusiasts.

Bridgestone Classic Rides • Episode 4: Six Appeal

Imagine: You’re standing in Punta Skala (Croatia) with the most amazing, exquisite collection of classic motorcycles you can imagine. There are twins, triples, four...


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