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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Best motorcycle routes for summer

Any motorcyclist will agree that summer calls for unforgettable motorcycling trips. Either alone or in a group. At home or abroad. On straight or curvy roads. By the sea or in the mountains. The options are almost endless. Could you use some inspiration for your next trip? Then we present you some nice motorcycle routes in this overview – definitely worth trying out. Beware: daydreaming guaranteed! Thanks to Motorcycle Diaries.

Pyrenees Border Hopping between Spain and France

Discover an unforgettable riding experience through magnificent mountains hopping the French-Spanish border many times. On perfect and less perfect roads. Through forests, fields, and clouds. While in the Alps there’s traffic jams, here the main obstacles are farm animals and the occasional cyclist.

“We love the Pyrenees, even if we’re not sure which side we prefer the most. And although our bikes tend to love the Spanish side better, we were often surprised by the French roads. So, in the end we can say we love the whole Pyrenees, for their splendor, modesty, silence, and magnificent happy paced rides.”

The roadbook for this trip runs from the Atlantic to the East, meandering north, south and reverse order. Flow, 3rd, 4th gear corners and an occasional hairpin.

Give it a try! You can find the whole route here.

The breath-taking route from Toulouse to Bilbao

Our love for France and Spain continues. Do you share our love for the south of France and the Spanish Basque Country? Do you also love motorbike trips? Then the route from Toulouse to Bilbao is made for you. You experience a mix between different paths. Corners, corners, corners on the D618, D85 – Castillon En Couserans. Fast and windy roads along the Are River on the N260 – Boltaña – Sabiñánigo. And so much more.

Discover the full route here.

The Orient motorcycle road from Istanbul to Venice

The road from Istanbul to Venice is packed with beauty, adventure, and a variety of cultures. This journey takes you from Turkey, through Greece and Italy, riding along the most picturesque roads. We selected a few for you:

    • SS103, Variante de Craco: Very short part of a road that is basically just a road, but this part is an exceptional piece of Italian engineering. Anywhere else in the world they would have just put the road through the fields, here they build a bridge. Visually it’s great.
    • Mparos Pass: One of the best (if not THE best) scenic route in Greece.
    • Matera Old Center: Matera is one of these ‘cities’ that will always stay on your mind once you have visited. The main reason is probably the fact that the old part ‘the Sassi’ is just like it always has been and even if there are some small changes made through the ages, it is very authentic. The Sassi has plenty of streets that are made of stairs and all stones used to build the streets are carved from chalk. This means they’re slippery at night and in the morning.


Lost in Teruel

Teruel, unknown territory for most of us – but this forgotten corner of Aragon (Spain) – between Valencia and Madrid – doesn’t disappoint for one moment. Teruel is nothing but unexpected and always delivers more than it promises. Especially if you’re on two wheels.

From Fonfria to Cedrillas, from Peracense to Mirambel, over the Maestrazgo to Javalambre, Orihuela del Tremedal, Ojos Negros, Tronchon, Alcaniz and El Castellar… It’s just wonderful to get lost in Teruel!

Curious to know which routes we recommend? Click here.

The Norway Road Trip

Discover an epic 5024-kilometre road trip through Norway and Sweden, curving up Norway’s incredible coastline, crossing the famous Atlantic Ocean Road, and skipping between the beautiful Lofoten Islands.

Here you can catch a glimpse of the different roads in this journey:

  • E39, Knarvik – Sognevegen: The E39 runs from the south of Norway till the far north. It’s by itself a great road if you want to move fast all the way up or down.
  • Tindevegen: Tindevegen is a toll-road that you should ride in springtime. Just like Sognefjellet, the most impressive thing about this road is the views and the meters high walls of snow in spring.
  • 715 – Steinsdalen: Small road with very friendly yet great views. Most of the time you think you’re alone on this planet.
  • Tranoy open air gallery: Open air gallery and at the same time fantastic view and silence. You like it or you don’t. When staying in Tranoy Fyr hotel, definitely come and see.
  • Grimsdalen: Fantastic gravel road through Rondane National Park


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