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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Behind the scenes at the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+ Press Launch

The magnificent east coast of Sardegna was the venue for Yamaha’s international press launch, introducing the 2023 Tracer 9 GT+ . Yamaha’s ultimate sports-tourer relies on the ultimate sports-touring tyre: Bridgestone’s T32. We went behind the scenes of an international press launch event.

Manufacturers want their bikes to be in the best possible conditions if the elite of the global press comes over to test them. That not only includes having the best possible tyre on the bike, but also making sure the tyre is in optimal shape. That includes a correct pressure, wheels balanced and the option to replace the tyre when needed.

No tyre changes

Bridgestone’s T32 sports-touring tyre fits the Tracer 9 GT+ like a glove. Yamaha had 25 Tracers at the journalists’ disposal. That meant that five different groups came over to Sardegna. With a loop of 220 km that meant the bikes (and tyres) had to do about 1100 km during this whole press event. A mileage that the Bridgestone T32 can easily cope with, so the mechanics didn’t have to worry about changing the tyres during the event.


Nevertheless, a team of 11 mechanics made sure the bikes were in the best possible shape every morning. That included a daily check of tyre pressure on both the front and rear T32. The journalists were very happy with Yamaha’s new Tracer 9 GT+ and the new technological innovations this bike offers. They were equally impressed with the performance of the Bridgestone T32 on Japan’s newest sports touring bike. The itinerary took the test riders over Sardegna’s hills, along some fast roads, through one or two tricky tunnels and what felt like 1000 corners. Along the way, several stops were made for photography and video purposes. 3 photographers and two video men took care of all the digital images the journalists needed. Producing content has become more diverse than ever, so most of the journalists need video as well as photography. Sometimes they add their own onboard video footage or personal smartphone pics to produce a mix of social media content, online or print features and video reviews. A modern test rider must be more versatile than ever.

Everybody happy

The same goes for a good sports-touring tyre. The Bridgestone T32 is known for its great handling characteristics. But also, when it comes to grip or mileage, the T32 has nothing to prove. Nevertheless, it’s always good to get positive feedback from the world’s most renowned test riders. As this was the case during that very intense week in April 2023 in Sardegna, everybody went home smiling.

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