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Bridgestone’s Premium Motorcycle Tyres Return to the Virtual World with Videogame RIDE 5

Riders from around the world: unite! Bridgestone is set for a return in RIDE 5, bringing back the most authentic riding simulation dedicated to two-wheel enthusiasts.

RIDE 5 will once again offer gamers and passionate riders around the world the opportunity to experience the performance and durability of Bridgestone tyres in the virtual world, just like they do in real life, combined with dedicated Bridgestone game modes, menus, and sponsored tracks.

Motorcycle in RIDE 5

Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, confirms its partnership with Italian game developer, Milestone, on the latest installment of the popular RIDE videogame series, RIDE 5. Similar to offering an unprecedented riding experience in real life, the goal is to provide an ultimate competitive and immersive game experience for two wheel enthusiasts in the virtual world.

“Since its debut many years ago, the RIDE franchise has been the home of motorbike passion, thanks to its immersive and authentic riding simulation. This partnership with Bridgestone marks a further step to bring the virtual and real-life motorbike worlds even closer.”

  • Andrea Loiudice, Publishing Director at Milestone

RIDE 5 is the latest chapter of the two-wheel racing simulation videogame which has become the home for virtual bikers all around the world, available from today on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Epic.

Close-up of Bridgestone tyre in the RIDE 5 game

Unparalleled experiences

Bridgestone is thrilled to transfer the unprecedented riding experience of Bridgestone tyres to a virtual world and bring gamers and two wheel fanatics closer to a lifelike experience. The game will showcase the products and legacy of Bridgestone in the competitive racing world in an innovative and engaging way for motorbike and videogame lovers worldwide.

“As a global mobility leader with a large portfolio of premium products and solutions, including premium motorcycle tyres, we are always looking for fresh ways to engage our customers and interact with the riding community, while also showcasing the quality of our products. We are excited to partner up with Milestone and to be once again a part of this virtual bikers’ paradise.”

  • Nico Thuy, Head of Motorcycle Business at Bridgestone EMIA, on what the engagement with riders from every corner of the globe means for Bridgestone

So fire up your virtual engine engine and experience a smooth and fast ride on both real and original virtual tracks, on a wide range of bike models from the most iconic different manufacturers, just like they do in reality. The Bridgestone brand will also be featured digitally within the game, with sponsored suits and gear, billboards on racing tracks, as well as dedicated game modes.

Bridgestone race in the RIDE 5 game

Extending the legacy

Over the years, Bridgestone has built its legacy and excellence in motorbike racing, recently achieving victories in the most celebrated endurance competitions, such as EWC – Endurance World Championship. Endurance racing will once again be one of the most challenging game modes included in RIDE 5, with the virtual riders having the possibility to test their riding ability and focus, while assessing the exceptional performance and durability of Bridgestone tyres.

Just as in real life, tyre wear remains one of the most important factors within the game when it comes to being a successful rider, with performance being actively impacted by riding style and weather, and players having to make in-race strategic decisions to mitigate these factors.

Bridgestone in the RIDE 5 game

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