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2019 Motorrad Test Winner

Motorrad 2019 Tyre Test


A fat 190 tyre, propelled with 200 hp but with a contact surface roughly the size of a melon. Could it work? In the fourth part of our tyre test, we see how six of the latest sports tyres handle the raw power of a 1000 cc superbike.

With a potential maximum of 250 points, our Bridgestone Battlax S22 received the best score of the test. A stunning overall score of 230 points makes it the winner of the 2019 Motorrad Tyre Test.

Summary: An excellent performance from the Japanese brand’s latest sports tyres. The S 22 races to the front of the pack in this test thanks to its excellent driving performance on the highway. Even in the rain, it stays ahead.

Tested in both dry and wet conditions, the performance, grip and handling of the Battlax S22 showed excellence giving the S22 a “VERY GOOD” rating.

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