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Relive the Excitement: Renato Zocchi’s Recap of Gibraltar Race 2023 – The Iberian Ring!

Discover the incredible journey that is the Gibraltar Race 2023. The organization has always envisioned it as more than just a race but as an ambitious project crafted to offer an unparalleled adventure/travel experience.

The Gibraltar Race isn’t just about speed and competition; it’s an exploration, a celebration of the shared passion for adventure and the thrill of discovery. Covering a substantial distance, the Iberian Ring route of the Gibraltar Race 2023 passes through stunning locations, testing riders’ skills. The journey began in San Sebastián – Urnieta, exploring different parts of Spain and Portugal before returning to the starting point after an exciting two-week adventure.

In our YouTube video, Renato Zocchi provides insights into his bike, while guiding viewers through the breathtaking sights encountered during the race. From captivating landscapes to heart-pounding moments on the track, this video showcases the thrilling essence of the Gibraltar Race. Join the adventure!

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