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Battlax Hypersport S23, discover the behind the scenes at Kyalami

How to introduce a new tyre to the world, when the previous one is already legendarily good? Bridgestone did it – again – with the Battlax Hypersport S23 at the beautifully exotic Kyalami circuit in South Africa. Besides 150 Bridgestone dealers and 25 journalists, your Gripping Stories reporter was present at the amazing event.

  • 150 dealers
  • 25 journalists
  • The organisation of this event (12/’23) started in September ‘22

But first we had to play a round of golf. To loosen up the muscles after the flight, you know. Together with the entire crew in front of and behind the scenes, we hit brand new Bridgestone golf balls. Putting as precisely as possible, hitting as far as we could and lobbing as high as possible, we were given the complete golf package.

  • 27 motorbikes
  • 6 motorcycle brands
  • 4 riding days
  • 275 tyres shipped to South Africa

The following day, 27 motorbikes of 6 different brands were eagerly waiting in the pit lane to get going at Kyalami. They were all shod with fresh S23 rubber and we, meanwhile, stuck a fresh knee slider on our race suit. Weather conditions didn’t look too great, with rain approaching over the South African mountains. Ideal for a thorough tyre test, though. During the other 3 days of riding, with mostly Bridgestone dealers, it got over 35 degrees Celsius at times. Reason enough to provide enough rubber, although you can easily race a full day at the limit with the new S23. As many as 275 tyres were transported here. Just to be on the safe side.

  • 21 riding sessions
  • 4,529 km of track
  • 16 turns
  • 3 guide riders with MotoGP experience

For 21 riding sessions, the S23 (and the bikes) were put to the test. The former 4,529 km F1 circuit has 16 turns and is a fast track, with lots of height difference, smooth corners and high top speed. Speeds of 270 km/h were tapped without a problem on the various superbikes. Unless you did a test lap as one of the guide riders – all with MotoGP experience – then things might have gone a bit faster. With ogling names like Jeremy McWilliams and Sylvain Guintoli, you could be sure of a brisk pace during the first guided session.

  • 2 photographers
  • 2 videographers
  • 4 mechanics

2 photographers and 2 videographers provided the perfect shot of every journalist. Knee downs on superbikes, wheelies on naked bikes and slides on sport touring bikes. The Hypersport S23 was solidly battered. Yet the four mechanics laughed all day long, because the tyre wear was not that bad. A fantastic performance of man, machine and tyre to be pushed to the limit. The result was the happy faces of the testers present, a lot of sweat and above all great satisfaction. The biggest complaint was that after track riding we had to get on the bus straight away to the airport. We wanted to stay a bit longer… But about the tyre? Nothing but positive comments: superb grip, great handling, excellent stability and a complete sports package that is second to none. The Battlax Hypersport S23 picks up where the S22 left off. The bar has been raised. Again.

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