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Battlax Racing Street RS11


An in-depth look into Bridgestone’s latest racing street tyre development. The Battlax Racing Street RS11 will make your decision to ride today easy… Let’s go!

  • Technical Aspects

The Battlax Racing Street RS11 is Bridgestone’s latest tyre going from track to road: a premium product that will enhance your feeling and feedback on the bike. The technical upgrades on the RS11 are directly derived from Bridgestone’s developments in the highest racing categories.

The RS11 is the first road-oriented tyre that has adopted the new V-MS-Belt construction which is currently used in Bridgestone’s highest performing race tyres. The pattern design finds many similarities with the dry racing grooved tyre R11. The grooves are in line with the needs and requirements of track use and include the necessary adaptations for a safe usage on the road.

    • It’s compound configuration is a 3LC on the front as well as on the rear. On the rear it has an additional cap and base compound to match the required tread stiffness and stability. The total grip improvement is huge. The Battlax Racing Street RS11’s 3LC configuration has a proportion of 15/70/15 % on the front and a 30/40/30 % on the rear. Bringing a harder center compound together with a softer shoulder compound creating the right combination for stability and grip feel without compromising feedback.

    • Applying Bridgestone’s innovative Belt construction technology on the rear: V-MS-Belt (Variable Monospiral Belt). This belt is optimising the tread stiffness distribution and increasing contact length at shoulder part. This results into additional grip and traction drive capabilities.


    • The pattern design directly derivate from the Racing grooved tyre of Bridgestone’s line up. The main groove positioning is optimised and arranged in the same direction as the most important input forces on the tyre. This helps to increase the cornering stability and feedback of the tyre.
      A new molecular approach of fine carbon particles in terms of compounding has improved the bite to the road surface and enhanced the grip characteristics of the compound itself.


  • Performance


  • Line Up


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