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Battlax Classic Racing CR11

An in-depth look into Bridgestone’s latest classic racing tyre development

Specially developed for Maxi Classic Racing, this tyre has already proven its superior performance. While still in development, the Battlax Classic Racing CR11 was a winner at the FIM Europe classic endurance championship (EEC).

At the 4-hour Biker’s Classic in Spa- Francorchamps, it helped #10 Poweracing-Japauto take home first place and team #5 Roadrunner pick up second place. In damp and tricky conditions, the best lap time and the fastest pace were recorded with Bridgestone tyres.

The Battlax Classic Racing CR11 offers super-fast warm up – vitally important for races that don’t allow tyre warmers.






The tread pattern is derived from Bridgestone’s grooved racing tyre, Battlax Racing R11. The main groove positioning is optimised and arranged in the same direction as the most important input forces on the tyre. It gives the rider consistent grip and superior performance with increased cornering stability and feedback.


On the rear tyre, a combination of high-racing performance compounds in a 3-layer compound configuration (3LC) boost performance in the wet and achieves the necessary mileage to keep consistent performance over the life time of the tyre.




Compliant with the FIM Europe regulations for the Maxi Classic, this tyre is your ticket to racing success.

With its high-performance V-MSBelt (variable monospiral belt) construction on the front, this tyre provides excellent braking stability and offers extra feedback when cornering.

The V-MS-Belt construction is creating a more even contact pressure distribution in the contact area on lean angle and increasing the braking stability straight by its different spacing in the center and shoulder area.


Watch the CR11 winning at the 8hr of Spa-Francorchamps documentary here.


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