Saturday, June 15, 2024

Battlax Racing R11

Get into that record groove. 

Are you and your racing machine ready to go set that ultimate laptime? Battlax Racing R11 has all it takes to be your perfect wingman. Mixing technology that comes straight from the highest level of racing with new features regarding construction, compound and pattern design, R11 delivers the highest performance in the grooved racing tyre segment. And that’s without compromising Bridgestone’s racing DNA on consistency. Check your time sheets. You’ll see.

Lap after lap after lap

In developing the R11, feedback and consistency were key. The new variable mono spiral belt (V-MSB) construction in the front creates a higher pressure on the contact patch. This way, you know what the tyre is doing in a heartbeat, while enjoying more grip and a faster corner entry. In the rear, on top of the V-MSB, there is a GP belt that comes directly from Bridgestone’s racing slick, the V02. This belt irons out any inconsistencies in the contact patch behaviour, making the tyre work just the way it should up until its very last lap.

Key features & benefits

• Enhanced contact feel upon corner entry

• High levels of grip, even under heavy braking or acceleration

• Unparalleled consistency
• Large operating range

• Full line up

• Available for all racing classes (street legal) – Supersport 300
 – Supersport 600
 – Superstock 1000 
- All manufacturer’s cups


Watch the video here.

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