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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Behind the scenes at the S22 Press Launch in Jerez

Launching the S22 sports tyre was all but business as usual. Bridgestone went all-in to show the potential of the S22 to journalists that came to the Jerez racetrack from all over the world. Gripping Stories went behind the scenes to check out what it takes to make a major event like this a success.

The S22 event in Jerez was also more than a press launch. Since everything was in place for journalists to test the sports tyre, Bridgestone decided to also invite major tyre dealers from all over the globe to the south of Spain. This made for some impressive numbers. To get an accurate idea of the magnitude of this organization, let’s have a look at some numbers:

  • 38 bikes
  • 90 journalists
  • 178 dealers
  • 30 staff

Numbers say a lot, but they only become impressive, if you look at what is behind them. For example: 38 bikes. Sounds remarkable, but if you know that the bikes came from 7 different countries and represented 8 different brands, you get a better idea of the work that goes into putting an event like this together. Collecting the bikes, getting them to Jerez and keeping them in shape to survive an event where not only tyres, but also bikes were taken to the limit…that’s a huge task.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise that a staff of no less than 30 people were present at Jerez. Mechanics, of course, but also PR’s, photographers, a video team and yes, your Gripping Stories reporter, who checked every detail to be able to tell you what went on behind the scenes of this impressive event.

Some more S22 Press Launch numbers

  • 4 helicopters
  • 310 tyres
  • 6 riding days
  • 640 km
  • 4 horses

Ok, the 18.640 kilometres are an estimate for the total distance, based on the 90 journalists and 178 dealers that rode all those sessions on the Jerez track. But we are very sure of the number of tyres that were shipped to the Andalusian MotoGP track: 310. That means on average 51 tyres every day. Imagine the time and effort it takes to keep the bikes up and running.

And those helicopters and horses?

Fair enough: it might have been possible to organize the event without the helicopter. But the hotel was more than an hour away from the track if you went by car. And there were press conferences and dinners to organize in the hotel. So as an extra for the dealers who worked hard all year long and the journalists that are always on a busy schedule, helicopters were used to take the testing audience either to or from the track. It added to the quality of the event and provided everybody present with an unforgettable sky view of the Andalusian landscape. Oh, and the horses? They were part of a show with Andalusian thoroughbreds. Just as remarkable as the view from the helicopter.

On top of all these unique features, the most impressive part of the S22 launch event, was the tyre itself. A sports tyre that received nothing but good reviews and comments and has made a name as the benchmark in its category.

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