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New in 2023: Racing BATTLAX V02R NS-3LC X/S – NS-SOFT – NS-MEDIUM

Continuous improvement of Bridgestone’s highest performing racing slick – An in-depth look into Bridgestone’s latest racing tyre development.

Red Suzuki motorcycle with racing Battlax V02 tyres

Step by Step Evolution of the BATTLAX V02

The Racing BATTLAX V02 Line up is continuously improving. Since its introduction, the V02 has received multiple updates to cope with the increasingly demanding bikes and rider requests.

  • Introduced in 2014, the V02 turned into a successful track day companion with its ease of use and high constant grip performance.
  • 2016: The Rear Soft compound was improved to offer a very wide operating range in line with our end-user’s requirements.
  • 2018: The V02 front took a big step forward in terms of feeling and feedback performance with the introduction of the V-MS-Belt construction.
  • 20192020: 2 new Rear compound options were developed to complete the existing offer with the implementation of the 3LC S/M and a 3LC X/S. The aim was to combining best  of both worlds with this dual compound approach and meet rider’s needs.
  • 2021: With the change of FIM regulation, the SST600 and SSP600 classes allowed for the use of slick tyres. The V02 line up was then expanded, adding 2 options on the rear with the 180/655R17 size dedicated to the high performing bikes with 5.5 inch rims.
  • 2022: a new front tyre with a new size, new shape and new construction has been introduced: the Racing BATTLAX V02F NS-SOFT, and V02F NS-MEDIUM in 120/605R17. A true transfer of technology using our knowledge from our FIM EWC Factory supported teams.
  • 2023: 3 new rear tyres will become available with a new size, new shape and adapted construction based on the know how and developments done at the highest level.

New Shape and New Size  – Technical info

The first technical aspect of the new V02 rear tyre is an updated crown profile with a higher overall diameter. The target is clear: creating more contact to enhance grip and feedback over the whole angle range.

accompanied figure about tyre shape contour for article about Bridgestone tyres battlax V02 improvements

The contact length was not just improved in the high camber, the new V02 rear tyre shows a contact length increase when loaded in all camber angles vs. its predecessor with an average of 3%.

Contact length behaviour at 50° camber angle with 1500N Load and 1.80 bar Pressure
Contact length behaviour at 50° camber angle with 1500N Load and 1.80 bar Pressure

The average increase of 3% of the contact length over the different camber angles will drastically increase the total performance of the tyre from stability and grip feeling over the lifetime of the tyre.

The implementation of the new shape, dedicated construction and profile has increased the operating range of the rear compound solutions. This gives a simple compound line up to cover the necessary track conditions.


Size Line-up

The V02R NS-3LC X/S – NS-SOFT and NS-MED are replacing the existing V02R as of its introduction in 1Q 2023.

Dimension and data

Specific data for updating racing electronics setting.

table with numbers on Battlax V02

Visual material



For additional information regarding our new Racing BATTLAX V02R NS-3LC X/S, NS-SOFT and NS-MEDIUM,  please contact your nearest Bridgestone Racing tyre dealer.

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