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2018 Bseu Battlecross E50 Details 34 Copy

Enduro All Star
The culmination of years of off-road know-how, the Battlecross E50 is ready to take on any Enduro competition. And it’s road homologated.

E50 01
2018 Bseu Battlecross E50 Action 13

Castle Block and Bunker
This technology increases the edge effect of the blocks and delivers ground-breaking traction levels across the board: from soft terrain to wet and hard surfaces. The blocks in the tyre carry a convex section to enhance traction, because their edges really “catch” the track surface. The Bunker area, the small incision between the blocks, is there to create traction even when the tyre is fully buried in the surface. 

E50 02

Easy mounting

The newly designed sidewall doesn’t only improve the tyre’s absorbing capabilities, but also makes tricky mounting a thing of the past. Changing tyres at the track? No sweat. 

E50 03
2018 Bseu Battlecross E50 Action 9

Key benefits

• Extra cornering grip
• Additional traction forces
• Increased operating range
• Multi-surface compound
• Improved rim fitting and mounting ease

2018 Bseu Battlecross E50 Action 2
E50 04

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