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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Bridgestone Classic Rides • Episode 1 Premium European Superbikes


premium european superbikes

Imagine: You’re standing in Punta Skala (Croatia) with the most amazing, exquisite collection of classic motorcycles you can imagine. There are twins, triples, four cylinders, six cylinders, two-strokes, four-strokes, left shift, right shift. All real icons of almost three decades of motorcycle history. All equipped with Bridgestone’s Battlax BT46 tyres. Which one will be your favourite then? Steve Parrish, Alicia Sornosa and Joost Overzee rode on some of the best roads in the world to select their favourite Classic Bikes. In this episode they will test the Premium European Superbikes. 

Episode 1: Premium European Superbikes

In the 1st episode of our Bridgestone Classic Rides series, Joost Overzee tests the top of the pops of the European superbikes in the second half of the seventies. In those years, the European motorcycle industry was still standing proud before getting completely overruled by the Japanese dominance in the eighties. So, four fantastic motorcycles, but there is only one spot in Joost’s garage. Will he be taking home the Laverda, the BMW, the Moto Guzzi or the Ducati?

Wacht the 1st episode to find out!


Take a closer look at the selection of Premium European Superbikes to decide which one is your favourite.

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