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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Bridgestone’s community in the spotlight: Larissa Papenmeier

In light of International Women’s Day on Monday, 8 March, we would like to put our female advocates in the spotlight. Their stories and adventures continue to inspire not only us, but all motorcycle enthusiasts, every day. Curious about Biker Girl & WMX Rider Larissa Papenmeier? Get to know her in the interview below.


Biker girl and Bridgestone motorcycle ambassador

Hi Larissa! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Of course! My name is Larissa Papenmeier, I’m from Bünde/Germany and I’ve been riding motocross for 26 years. Besides MX, I also love snowboarding and Mountain Biking. I’m used to an action filled lifestyle, so to say.

Which Bridgestone motorcycle tyres are on your bike?

Right now, I have a Battlecross X10 on the back and a Battlecross X20 on the front. It is wintertime now, and since most of the hard track courses are closed here in Germany, we mainly ride on sand tracks now.

Excellent choice! How did you get into motorcycling?

I started riding dirt bikes in 1995. But the seed for this passion was planted a bit earlier Back when I was three years old, I saw a 125cc motorbike at a friend’s house and told everyone that I would also ride a bike just like that when I got older. Unfortunately for me – and fortunately for my parents – at the time, I did not know that bikes for kids actually exist. But later, I remember seeing a small motorcycle, perfect for my size, in the window of a bike shop. I walked straight into the shop and sat on it. And then started to annoy my parents for more than a year, telling them that I really, really wanted to start riding. My mother did not want to let me ride at that age. But one day, I was playing hide-and-seek with my brother and found the perfect hiding place in a closed room somewhere in the house. There I found that little 50cc bike I sat on for the first time a year earlier. A well-hidden Christmas present from my parents that I already discovered in October 1995. That is where it all started.

Great story! You really were born for this. What are your favorite Bridgestone tyres?

An X20 on the back and an X20 front

And on what kind of tracks do you like to put those motorcycle tyres to the test?

Well, I like tracks with ruts that are more technical. I really love the track in Agueda/Portugal.

How has Corona influenced your motorcycle adventures?

Last year was really difficult, although I guess that counts for everybody. But you just have to try to make the best out of it. I struggle the most with the financial part. That is why I still have a ‘normal’ job.

Do you have any future plans or dreams? What is on your bucket list? How do our Bridgestone motorcycle tyres fit into this story?

I want to become world champion. Nothing less. That has been my dream and my goal for many years. To me, Bridgestone tyres are among the best and I love them in all conditions. These tyres really are a vital part in my path to my ultimate goal.

Larissa papenmeier, biker girl and Bridgestone ambassador What is something unique that you bring to your role as an advocate and as a role model for girl bikers?

I’m friendly to everybody and friends with everybody. My advice: stay the way you are and don’t let success change your personality. Of course, you’ll have to have different mentality on the track. And I guess that’s what makes me unique!

What has been your favourite experience so far as a member of the Bridgestone Moto Family?

I’ve been part of the Bridgestone family for many years and have loved every moment of it. They give me the best grip and many holeshots as well.

Are there any encouraging words to close?

Try the Bridgestone tyres once and feel the difference immediately. I am convinced you will love them on any kind of track.


Would you like to follow all Larissa’s adventures? Follow her on social media: 


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