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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Bridgestone’s community in the spotlight: Aurelie Hoffmann

In light of International Women’s Day on Monday, 8 March, we would like to put our female advocates in the spotlight. Their stories and adventures continue to inspire not only us, but all motorcycle enthusiasts, every day. Curious about biker girl Aurelie Hoffmann aka Lil’Viber? Get to know her in the interview below.


Hello Aurélie! Could you quickly introduce yourself to our readers?

biker girl & Bridgestone motorcycle ambassador

My name is Aurélie HOFFMANN, but people also call me Lil’Viber. I’m a French motorcycle rider and blogger. I live in Paris but love to travel the world. I’m passionate about a lot of different things like riding motorcycles, and especially on tracks, martial arts, painting… Discover me on www.lilviber.com

You have quite some bikes, so we have heard. Could you tell us which Bridgestone motorcycle tyres they are fitted with?

Ready? Here we go. On my Ducati Panigale V4 I have the Battlax V02. The Panigale 899 is fitted with Battlax V01’s. My Ducati Monster is equipped with Battlax T31 tyres and the Ducati 750 Sport has Battlax R02 Racing rubber on its wheels. Finally, I ride my KTM 85 SX with the Battlecross X30 tyres.

Impressive list! How did you start riding a motorcycle? When or where did your passion start?

I acquired my motorcycle license back in 2009. I unfortunately had some small crashes quite quickly, so my husband decided to take me to a track day three months after I had my license. He said a track day would teach me a lot of valuable skills. He was right. The track day virus hit me instantly and it changed my life completely. That does include my husband too (laughs).

Do you have a favourite Bridgestone motorcycle tyre? If so, which one?

Bridgestone Battlax V02 extra soft!

What are your favourite routes to ride on?

As a track day lover, I enjoy the speed tracks the most. Especially Mugello in Italy and Dijon & Le Mans in my home country France.

How has Corona influenced your motorcycle adventures?

Of course, it led to the cancellation of many motorcycle events last year. Hopefully, this year will allow us to go and race again. I also really wish to regain freedom to travel and discover other places.

We definitely wish the same! What are your future plans and dreams? And how would our Bridgestone motorcycle tyres fit into this story?

The next big events are the Barcelona 24H and the Bol d’Or classic this year. If they’re not cancelled of course. My ultimate dream would be to join the Le Mans 24h, but I still need to improve my skills a bit to do so. It is still a dream right now, but I am definitely working on it to make it happen. Bridgestone has a major place in these projects. Tyres are the most vital part when it comes to endurance racing. As you can see in the EWC (Endurance World Championship) they truly can make a difference. Having Bridgestone by my side gives me confidence to pursue my goals, push my boundaries and fulfill my dreams.
Next to that I am also organizing a road trip in France. It is a chance for me to discover parts of the French way of life in a new and different way.

What is something unique that you bring to your role as an advocate and role model?

I am a biker girl, but I don’t consider myself a role model. When I started this, I just wanted to share my personal vision on a world that is believed to be a predominantly male area. I just started writing about my experience as a woman, as a motorcycle rider, and as a racer. The inspiration I wish to give others, both man and woman, is that one can achieve their goals through passion and hard work. Limits are self-imposed. They are meant to be broken.

Bridgestone ambassador and biker girl Lill'ViberInspiring words! What has been your favourite experience so far as a member of the Bridgestone Motorcycle Family?

First of all, I’m so glad to share the same values and passion as the Bridgestone moto family. We have shared the thrill of racing many times. One particular memory comes to mind from one of my races in Le Mans, right before the start of the 24h. Sunny days, crowded grandstands, and me in my racing suit in the paddock, surrounded by the Bridgestone engineers and their technical support. Then and there I felt like a professional rider. I was living my dream. During the race itself there was a moment I was in second place, catching up with the leader  and felt an unprecedented thrill chasing him down. I did not have the perfect finish, but it still was a perfect race week for me and until now my best memory.

What a great memory indeed. Are there any encouraging words to close?

Let me conclude in French: “Poursuis ton rêve, qui que tu sois”. That means: “Chase your dream, no matter who you are”

Would you like to follow all Aurelie’s adventures? Follow her on social media: 

biker girl & Bridgestone motorcycle ambassador





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